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As travelers, we often have a lot to juggle! Not only are we constantly moving, learning new facilities, patients, and documentation systems while adjusting to an unfamiliar location, but we typically have multiple licenses to juggle! Speaking from my own person experience, I have NINE licenses to keep track of and ensure that I am maintaining all of my requirements to keep them up to date. Not only do they all expire at different times, but they each have their own unique continuing education requirements.


As a traveler, you often end up requiring more continuing education than your perm counterparts because of each states’ varying requirements. For example, I had to renew my Florida license a little over a year after receiving it even though you typically renew once every two years. While I had WAYYYY more than enough CEUs over the past two years, not enough live CEUs had been completed within the 13 months I had had my Florida license. I found myself scrambling to find a live CEU course in the next two months even though I already had 52 live CEUs from the past 2 years. Another added challenge is that many states have specific CEU requirements. In my case, New Jersey requires 4 hours of ethics, Florida requires HIV & medical errors, and so on and so forth.


When you create your MedBridge account, you can add all of your state licenses. Not only is this another place that you can keep track of your license expiration dates, but you have the ability to download each course completion certificate for all of your licenses! You only need one certificate per course and all of your licenses are displayed! When searching for courses, you also have the ability filter by specific states in addition to the specific topic (ex: HIV, medical errors, ethics).


MedBridge has more resources than any online CEU platform I’ve ever used including:

  • Manual therapy technique library with patient demos

  • Certificate programs from orthopedic excellence of the upper/lower extremity and spine, concussions, vestibular therapy, motor learning, emergency management, return to sports, dementia & the capacity for learning & MORE

  • Certification prep programs with 100% pass rate for the APTA OCS, SCS, GCS, and NCS board exams

  • Orthopedic exam tests library with patient demos sorted by body region

  • $100 Discount to Grays-Institute Certification in Applied Functional Science®

  • Home Exercise Programs & Patient Education (included with Premium Subscription)

  • Get further clarification on specific topics in your courses by having the ability to communicate with the course instructor(s)


No outpatient clinic, hospital, school, skilled nursing facility or home health agency is the same. Each site brings about unique clinical challenges. MedBridge is the perfect tool to improve clinical competency when starting to work with a new diagnosis or patient population. I am currently working on an 8 hour oncology rehabilitation course as four of the units I’m working on in my current assignment are oncology units. Never worked with aquatic therapy patients, but your next assignment has a pool? MedBridge is the perfect solution. Trying to become a board certified clinical specialist, MedBridge can help you get there!


In 2018, MedBridge is even more valuable! One of the few cons of travel therapy is that we don’t typically receive the same benefits as permanent employees when it comes to continuing educations. If we must take time off to attend a continuing education course, we are not paid for that day. Additionally, we do not typically get reimbursed for the cost of attendance of live courses and the travel expenses incurred to take these courses. Up until 2018, we were able to report all of these costs as “professional expenses” on our taxes, however, this is gone for 2018. Any “professional expenses” such as licensure, continuing education, uniforms, etc are out-of-pocket. For $200, you have a solution that can meet all of your continuing education needs while fostering continued professional growth and development. Did you know that your agency may be willing to reimburse you the $200-$250 for your yearly subscription? This would be a non-taxed reimbursement so it’s win-win!


While I thoroughly enjoy taking live, hands-on courses, it is just not always feasible. MedBridge has been the perfect solution for me to not only attain all of my CEU requirements, but to improve my clinical knowledge and skill set.


Ready to begin your MedBridge journey??? Subscribe here and save over 40% on a yearly subscription!!!


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