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From New Grad Traveler to Tenured Travel Therapist - My Passion Project


My name is Kaleigh and I am a traveling physical therapist who started traveling after I graduated PT school. I feel that mentorship is incredibly important to new grads looking to start traveling. It has become my mission to help new grads launch a successful traveling career.


One of the barriers to travel therapy for new graduates is the perceived lack of mentorship available to those choosing this career path. While many companies focus their marketing efforts on new grads with verbiage such as “new grad friendly” or “new graduate programs”, many staffing agencies lack any sort of backbone to a formal mentorship program. Any therapist’s first position as a licensed clinician is a pivotal stepping stone in their career. Those staffing agencies who value formal mentorship and dedicate resources to new graduate development deserve to be highlighted to raise the industry standard.


As a new graduate I was fortunate to not only be placed in facilities that were “new grad friendly” and offered opportunities for professional growth, but to also be matched up with a mentor as an added layer of support. Not only was I blessed to be working with a recruiter who was patient and determined to find meaningful and appropriate placements, but a company that valued continuing education and professional competency!


Out of the hundreds of staffing agencies that market that services to new graduates with endless recruiter voicemails and emails, only a handful share a dedication and commitment to the new graduate traveling therapist. Hold the agencies accountable and get connected with a “new grad approved” recruiter from a top new grad company today!!!



Kaleigh is a currently practicing travel therapist and the founder of

I evaluate new grad mentorship programs of those companies marketing a new grad program.

I interview top recruiters within those companies with the best new grad programs that meet the “New Grad Approved” eligibility criteria. Let me ask the tough questions to weed out the bad from the good to the great!!!


YOU are matched with TWO recruiters from TWO of the top new grad companies.




Are you set on traveling and want to be guaranteed mentorship? I'm happy to connect you with TWO different "new grad approved" recruiters from TWO companies with strong new grad mentorship programs! (All of whom I've met personally and have profiles set up with!!)

The New Grad Approved Process

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