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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked quesions about the new grad travel therap progam

Why should I trust you?

I have been in your shoes! I was a new grad myself when I began traveling and I am now on my 11th travel assignment. I have worked with multiple companies, in multiple states, and multiple settings. I have spent hundreds of hours creating resources FREE of charge to current students and recent graduates as well as volunteering my time by guest lecturing about travel therapy at schools near my assignment locations. There is so much to learn in trael therapy. Everyone should have a mentor when getting started so that it can be the best experience possible.


I AM A CURRENTLY PRACTICING TRAVEL THERAPIST AND WILL ONLY MATCH YOU WITH VETTED RECRUITERS WHO I HAVE MET PERSONALLY AND WHO I HAVE WORKED WITH/HAVE PROFILES SET UP TO WORK WITH. When it comes to starting your career, you deserve to be given the attention and opportunity for professional development you deserve!


I'm still a student. When should I start talking to recruiters?

It's never too early to start building a relationship with a few trusted recruiters.

How can I get matched today?

Complete the Match Me With The Best form on the Get Started tab or email me at

Do you offer any other FREE resources?

Yes! I have created (2) FREE eCourses on the teachable platform called New Grad Travel Therapy Bootcamp. To access these courses FREE of charge, visit!Countless resources are also available in the files section of the New Grad Travel Therapy Facebook Group, a group free of recruiters and company representatives. Join today!

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