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What makes a recruiter a “New Grad Approved” Recruiter?

There are hundreds of staffing companies to choose from and several recruiters within each staffing agency. How does one begin to choose a recruiter? It can be overwhelming! If you are someone that filled out the form on the AlliedTravelCareers website to learn more about positions in your discipline, state, and setting, you’ve likely been contacted by 50+ recruiters. They all sound great on the phone and seem to make all the right promises, but how do you know if they are good or just average? This becomes even more daunting for the new graduate.

While many new graduates may have held jobs during college, the challenges of finding that first position as a newly minted therapist are novel. After devoting countless hours and tuition dollars to fulfill the requirements to become a licensed therapist, new graduates want to ensure that they are starting their professional career out on the right foot. Although every great recruiter knows the ins and outs of the travel therapy industry, the “New Grad Approved” recruiter will understand that a new graduate is not only new to travel, but is most likely new to the professional workforce. “New Grad Approved” recruiters will not only be extremely knowledgeable, but they have extensive experience working with and placing new graduates in appropriate positions. It is important that new graduates work with patient recruiters who will take the time to explain every little detail throughout the process, answering new graduates’ questions before they are even asked. These recruiters are accessible to their travelers after business hours and during weekends if necessary because they understand that a new graduate may require increased time commitments on their part. “New Grad Approved” recruiters understand he unique challenges of traveling as a new graduate and are passionate about making the transition from a student to a clinical professional a positive and memorable experience. Patience is a virtue that not all recruiters possess. While travel therapy can be incredibly competitive, it is important that new graduates feel they are being given the time and resources to make an informed decision when it comes to their first assignment as a licensed therapist. “New Grad Approved” recruiters make it a priority to place new graduates in facilities that will be clinically appropriate for their first assignment. These recruiters have additional clinical resources to offer their new graduates such as an off-site mentor and online continuing education courses.

No recruiter can be expected to fully understand what a therapist does each and every day. This varies based on discipline, practice setting, patient population clinical specialty, payer source, and location. It would be unreasonable to expect that any recruiter could provide clinical guidance. Recruiters need a support system in this area to be able to fully support their new grad travelers. Therefore, “New Grad Approved” recruiters come from companies who value the professional growth and development of new graduates by utilizing their assets to ensure that new graduates have access to in-house mentors and other clinical resources. “New Grad Approved” recruiters within these companies are better able to assist their new grad travelers by referring them to their assigned mentors for clinical guidance and paraprofessional advising when necessary.

A “New Grad Approved” recruiter is honest, transparent, knowledgeable, accountable, and available. Know that your recruiter will “keep it real with you” by not making promises that will leave you waiting for the impossible. Rest assured that your recruiter will be available and will have your best interests at heart throughout the duration of the assignment. They are present when things go smoothly and also during trying times. A “New Grad Approved” recruiter will serve as your safety harness throughout the duration of your travels. These recruiters have a true passion for the industry and the professional development of young therapists. New graduates are a rewarding population to work with and they deserve to work with a “New Grad Approved” recruiter from a company who makes new graduates a priority

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