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Looking To Become A Board Certified Clinical Specialist? MedBridge Can Help Get You There!

1) What did you like most about the prep program?

There were a lot of things that I liked about the OCS prep program on MedBridge. First, it was very comprehensive and covered everything that was important that you needed to know for the exam. I thought the layout was nice as well as you were able to take one week and focus on a specific area. Second, there were a lot of questions in the course which helped improve your overall knowledge and test taking skills. After every section there were at least a few questions to answer. These questions helped show you which areas you still needed to focus on and which areas were your strengths. There was also four practice exams which helped give you an idea what the test was going to look like. The last thing I liked about the course was all the documents that were given to you for resource such as research articles and clinical practice guidelines. 2) How far in advance of taking your specialty exam did you begin the program?

I began studying with the MedBridge program in November. The course is broken down to cover about 15 weeks of studying so this gave me enough time to review each specific area.

3) How many hours per week did you spend working on the program?

This is a hard question to answer as some weeks I did more studying than others. On average I would say I did about 8-10 hours a week. 4) How many CEUs did you earn in the process of completing the program?

This program will definitely cover all of your CEU requirements for your renewal cycle. I believe there was at least 40 CEU’s with this course. 5) Did you feel the program was worth the time and money?

I definitely think the program was worth the time and money. Not only was the course very helpful for the OCS exam but there were many other courses available for CEU’s as well. MedBridge offers CEU’s for many different disciplines besides physical therapy which was helpful for my athletic training license also. 6) What aspects of the program were most useful in helping you pass the exam?

I think the aspect that was most helpful for me was the practice questions that the course offers. There are over 500 practice questions which helps you learn the information and find the areas that need improvement. 7) Would you recommend the program to others?

Yes! I would definitely recommend the program to others. I would recommend MedBridge in general even if you are not taking a specialty exam and just need CEU’s or want to learn more. There are a wide variety of courses that you can take which is what I think makes this program so great. 8) What else would you like people to know about the MedBridge exam prep programs?

The OCS prep program on MedBridge was very important for me in passing the exam. It helped me realize the areas that I needed to study more and the areas that I was doing well. I can’t speak about the other exam prep programs on MedBridge as I only took the OCS one but I am sure they were very good and informative.

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