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Christmas in July!!! The Best Gifts for the New Traveler

1. Sirius XM Subscription

If you can’t have a new car, the next best thing is a Sirius XM subscription. This was seriously one of the best gifts I have received since becoming a traveler. Not only do we spend more time in our cars than the average Joe, but our radio stations are constantly changing. Sirius XM allows you to enjoy some level of consistency when it comes to your entertainment preferences while on the road. Whether its music, news, sports, etc, Sirius XM has everything you could need.

2. Data Plan for Your Tablet

While setting up housing every 13 weeks is one of the challenges of being a traveler, having consistent WiFi is another dilemma. I learned this lesson the hard way by having different internet services install and un-install internet service every 13 weeks. Now that I have a data plan for my iPad with unlimited data, I no longer have to worry about this problem. Give the gift of the internet to the new traveler in your life!

3. Sling TV subscription

Along with the dilemma of having consistent internet service, comes the dilemma of having consistent cable service. Each area has a different provider. You have to be home when they come to install it and uninstall it. It’s expensive and there are typically installation fees. With Sling TV you can customer your TV subscription and it will come with you. Whether you have a smart TV or you just want to watch it on your tablet, Sling TV was made for the traveling healthcare professional in mind.

4. MedBridge Subscription

As you begin traveling, you will quickly realize that it can be difficult to not only juggle all your new licenses, but also the specific CEU requirements that go along with each. With MedBridge, you can enter all of your state licenses and print out one certificate that will display how many CEUs were earned for each state. If a state has a specific requirement such as Ethics, Medical Errors Training, HIV, etc, you can find it with MedBridge. Switching between settings? You can filter courses by setting. MedBridge is one thing I will never travel without.

Help your new traveler find fun things to do on the weekends by giving them the gift of a sightseeing pass. While most assignments are not directly within a major city, you typically can visit a major city during the weekend. A sightseeing pass can help you to see more for less! I have used sightseeing passes such as City Pass and Sightseeing Pass to explore some of the cities I have visited on my journey as a travel therapist.

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