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PT Adventures Academy Gets A 5-Star Review!!!!

As of late, there have been a bunch of online courses about travel therapy. Some are free and some cost as much as $350. As someone who can remember what it was like to finish PT school with no money, I find it extremely difficult to recommend that students and new graduates pay for these courses. While these courses offer to teach you how to become a traveling therapist, anyone who has investigated travel therapy knows that travel therapy is not for everyone. What if you pay $300+ to take a course to find out that travel therapy isn’t for you after all? What do you get out of it?

In 2015, I began traveling as a new graduate PT. Why??? I was undecided on setting and wanted to travel to experience professional growth. In my first year alone as a travel PT, I was able to work with 26 different Physical Therapists and learned a tremendous amount. Over the past three years, I’ve grown my skillset in the outpatient, acute care, and pediatric settings. While the increased pay and flexibility for time off are great incentives to continue traveling, my #1 goal remains professional growth!

Before paying to take an online course, ask whether this course will still be beneficial if you decide not to travel? What will take away from it?

Dr. Stephen Stockhausen is a seasoned PT who developed an online course entitled PT Adventures Academy! You can choose between two course formats.

I just completed the Elite Level Traveler course and it was FANTASTIC!!!! Even as a traveler with 12 contract negotiations under my belt, I found the course to be incredibly informative and I took away some incredibly valuable information. I cannot wait to apply everything I learned to further enhance my resume and rock those contract negotiations!

Whether you are a current DPT student, new graduate, or seasoned therapist, this course is VALUABLE!

What can you expect to gain from this course???

· How to become VALUABLE – It takes hard work! What are the key steps?

· GOAL setting (short-term, long-term, personal, and professional)

· RESUMES – make your resume stand out

· INTERVIEW preparation

· NEGOTIATING – get paid what you’re worth

· TRAVEL ins and outs (pay packages, contracts, etc)

Even if you take this course and decide that travel isn’t for you, you’ll still come away with the tools to help make you more valuable, grow professionally, increase your opportunities, and maximize your income through researched evidence-based negotiating strategies.

After completing this course, I offer my highest recommendation to any physical therapist looking for both professional and income growth. Dr. Stockhausen has spent countless hours scouring evidence-based research to provide us all with information that will be career changing!

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