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The New Traveler’s Guide to Setting up Housing: Lessons from my experiences packing for and setting

There are several reasons a traveler may need to stay in a hotel, particularly during your first assignment.

  1. Limited time to find housing – I accepted my first contract and had to be there less than a week after I signed the contract. This meant getting all my paperwork in, QA requirements completed, and packing up for my first travel assignment. There just was not enough time to secure any other housing.

  2. Lack of financial resources – Airbnb and short-term leases often require money upfront. For those travelers that have little cash flow while starting their travel career, other housing options may not be feasible.

  3. Rural area – despite searching for other housing alternatives, Airbnb’s and short-term leases are hard to come by.

The good news….

  • Hotels offer amenities that other housing options do not….

  • Instantly set-up cable, internet, and utilizes; free daily breakfast; weekly maid service make up a few Most hotels will also offer other amenities such as onsite fitness centers, business centers, and laundry facilities

But, how will I eat if I don’t have a full kitchen???

  • Many Extended Stay hotels offer a modest kitchen which include a refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, and basic kitchen utensils.

  • In the event that there are no “Extended Stay” hotels in the area, most other hotels will offer rooms with microwaves & mini fridges.

  • To create “makeshift” kitchen, you’ll need a few pots, pans, and kitchen utensils (referred to the kitchen section of packing list and make your selections)

  • Add in a hotplate & crock-pot, you’ll be all set!

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