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The New Traveler’s Guide to Setting up Housing: Lessons from my experiences packing for and setting

Many travelers will elect to use Airbnb for their travel assignments. Airbnb is a safe and secure website where individuals rent their living spaces to other individuals. There are a variety of options including shared rooms, shared apartments, and entire apartments/home. Airbnb is a great alternative to corporate housing.

Using the Airbnb website, you can search by destination, number of occupants, check-in date, and check-out date. The site allows you add additional filters such as price range, size, amenities such as Wi-Fi and pets allowed, and property type. Once you find the listing you are interested in, you will need to create an account. This is an easy and free process. From there, you will be able to contact the host.

Tips for new Airbnb users:

1) Read the reviews. Only users who have stayed at the listing can write a review. You can get a good idea about the quality of the listing and the responsiveness of the host by reading the reviews. Typically the more “good” reviews the better.

2) Look for the Airbnb watermark “A”. This means that the pictures displayed are truly representative of what you’ll be getting once you arrive because an Airbnb photographer took the pictures.

3) Contact the host directly before you request to book the listing. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself as a traveling healthcare professional, ask any questions you may have, and negotiate a better price for a long-term stay. YES YOU CAN NEGOTIATE PRICE!!!

4) Read the host’s cancellation policy carefully. Cancellation policies can vary from flexible to very strict. While it is unlikely that a travel assignment will change, it can happen and you want to be aware of the host’s cancellation policy.

5) Keep an eye on your email about booking and be sure to check your spam mail for reservation confirmations and booking receipts.

6) Remember that Airbnb is not a hotel. You are staying in someone’s personal living space. Treat it as you would be own. At the end of the stay, you will not only review the host, but the host will be reviewing you so be mindful of this during your stay.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You will need to put down money up front in order to book an Airbnb for your travel assignment. At the time of booking, you will need to pay for the first 30 days, Airbnb booking fee, taxes, cleaning fee, and any security deposit. If you find yourself short on cash, do not have a credit card, or do not wish to use your credit card for a large amount, then Airbnb may not be the best option for you

Other Websites Similar to Airbnb

5) (*Note: You will have to apply “furnished” and “1-3 months” as filters)

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